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Bernadoodle PA Pennsylvania Five Star

Security Deposit Policy

 Five Star Bernedoodles

Non Refundable Deposit 

Buyer acknowledges that the Deposit is non-refundable in all circumstances, including but not limited to if Buyer decides they do not want or are no longer able to take the puppy. Upon receipt of the Deposit, Breeder agrees to hold the puppy for the Buyer until it has been weaned and is ready for pick up or delivery. The Deposit shall be Paid in US Dollars and paid to the Breeder via payment through webpage, Venmo, or cash. Buyer Acknowledgements: The Buyer further acknowledges and agrees that (a) the Breeder cannot control litter sizes and that the wait time for puppies can be longer than expected; (b) the Deposit gives the Buyer a “reserved” place, but does not guarantee a puppy or that the Buyer’s preferences will be available when it is the Buyer’s turn to be assigned their puppy; (c) the Deposit price is non-negotiable; and (d) the Breeder cannot and does not guarantee any specific qualities of the puppy when it becomes an adult

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